Greetings from the Rector of MSU

Greetings from the Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Dear participants, guests and organizers of the Congress!

I am pleased to welcome the participants of the Markovnikov Congress on Organic Chemistry, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the discovery by the Russian chemist Vladimir Vasilyevich Markovnikov in 1869 of the fundamental rule, which is a classic of the entire world chemical science (Markovnikov's rule). This rule was an important milestone in the development of the structural theory in organic chemistry. For the first time it raised the question of the reactions selectivity.

Vladimir Markovnikov was the founder of the Moscow University School of Chemistry, a graduate of the Kazan Chemical School. V.V. Markovnikov (along with Dmitryi Mendeleev) is one of the most famous Russian chemists abroad. In 1873, Markovnikov headed the chair of chemistry of the natural department of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow University, which he headed until 1893 (Academician Nikolai Zelinsky became his successor). V.V. Markovnikov is a person who has entered his name both in the history of our university and in the world of science and culture.

I cordially greet the participants, guests and organizers of the Congress and wish you productive work, opening up new opportunities for developments in the field of chemical science, new scientific contacts, exciting discussions and the implementation of all outlined plans. I am confident that the Markovnikov Congress will be held at a high scientific level and will be an important event in the development of Russian chemical science and international contacts.

I wish success to all participants. Welcome to Congress!

Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University
Academician Viktor Sadovnichiy